NABIG 2016 Videos

Here are the videos taken during the North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress 2016 at University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Videos are only for the sessions, papers, and plenaries that were videotaped by Ric Lim for informational and documenting purposes as part of the documentary on Mincome: Manitoba’s Great Experiment  (Also check out “The Story of Ron” video under the media page. Audio is an excerpt from the NABIG 2016 congress day 1 speech of Dr. John Rook).

Please note that these are rough cut and have pretty much been left as is to keep as much information in tact as possible. This means there were some shots where the camera was ON but have visible shakes and movement when it was being moved or adjusted. The videos have not been quality checked or reviewed at this time.

Most of the sessions that were videotaped are complete except for a couple session/plenary with few missing parts when the camera went OFF.

Day 1 On Videos

Panel One – Creating a social movement: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Paper Session One – Reforming Welfare State Policies and Programs

Day 2 On Videos

Panel Two (A) – Racialized Poverty and the Promise of the Basic Income Guarantee

Paper Session Two – Basic Income Experimentation and the Economic Context

Paper Session Three – Philosophical Issues

Third Plenary Presentation

Fourth Plenary Presentation

Day 3 On Videos

Paper Session Four (B) – Effects of Basic Income

Paper Session Five (B) – Economics of Basic Income

Sixth Plenary Presentation

  • Ryan Meili, Department of Community Health & Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan
    Topic: The Upstream Approach: Making the Health Case for Basic Income
    (with special introductory musical performance by Brandy Moore)

Panel Three (B) – Violence Against Women and Guaranteed Livable Income

  • Maria Wong, Vancouver Rape Relief
  • Jacquie Lewis, Vancouver Rape Relief
  • Jaclyn Chang & Sarah Mah, Asian Women’s COalition (Vancouver & Montreal)
  • Angela Lavallee, Mama Wi Chi Itata (Winnipeg)
  • Evelyn Forget, University of Manitoba

Paper Session Six (B) – Basic Income Schemes and Disasters

Day 4 On Videos

Seventh Plenary Presentation

Paper Session Seven – Implementation of Basic Income